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Great to Meet You!

My name is Hadis and I’m a makeup artist. I ditched my corporate grind to follow my passion as a makeup artist and was lucky enough to my passion into a career I always dreamt of. Today I am a makeup artist turned into a content creator who helps others also to turn their passion into a career.

In 2011, I took a departure from accounting to explore my creative side. I traveled around the globe and worked on various artistic projects. The interesting part around these experiences was my exposure to artists, and their lofty ideas, and their business challenges.

Tangentially, most of these artists were quite vocal and intellectual. Their very natures took me down a path of social habits, social experiences, and of course social media. I was able to able to help these artists, with their creativity, and that gave me a platform to advance their voices, through various creative and social channels. All-in-all, these experiences broadened my horizon around the business in general. Think of it as a right/left brain thing. Which then led me to start my digital creative business.

I look forward to learning, growing, and evolving with this industry and my clients. This journey has brought me nothing but happiness and peace



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